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Work In Progress Update – Micro Fiction w/ Excerpt

Case of the Wild Child(ren) – 1 page – 351 words – 1st Draft

You’re the kid with whom other children’s parents tell their kids not to play. Part of it is your family’s reputation – lushes, trollops, and cutpurses the lot of them – but most of it’s your own.


Short Story Series – Life Before & After You + Me (Romance)

Title: Life Before & After You + Me

Logline: Sometimes being in love isn’t enough.

Characters: Sakura Luvit and Brooklyn Adams

Format: Short Stories Series

Genre: Romance

Summary: A series of short stories chronicling the the various stages of Sakura and Brooklyn lives both together and separately.

Word Count:  6,141

Page Count: 22


Novella – Whom I May Grow To Be (Romantic Adventure)

Title: Whom I May Grow To Be

Logline: The story goes like this. He was meant to save the world but instead fell in love with a girl. She was the girl who thought, just this once she’d get the hero.

Characters: Barbara Peterson & Benedict Linwood

Format: Second Person, Novella

Genre: Romantic Adventure

Word Count: 0

Page Count: 0