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TV Series – Run, Baby, Run (Romance Drama)

Title: Run, Baby, Run

Logline: After the best weekend of his life Adam is on the hunt for the girl of his dreams, Friday, who is nothing that she says she is and everything that he dreamed of.

Characters: Adam & Friday

Format: TV Series

Genre: Romantic Drama

Summary: Adam is a recent college graduate living a mediocre life, working as a pizza delivery boy, spending his non working hours sleep or writing the next great American novel, mostly sleeping. In his dreams he has this amazing life and in a relationship with a women he’s never met. After being dragged out by his friends he meets in passing a girl whom he has a great deal in common with. After spending an amazing weekend with her he wakes up alone unsure of if the weekend was a dream or reality.

Word Count: 0

Page Count: 0

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Screenplay – Mime: A Love Story (Romance)

Title: Mime: A Love Story

Logline: A love story told through mime.

Characters: The Mime & The Girl

Format: Short Screenplay

Genre: Romance

Summary: A girl sees a mime every day on her commute to work. The mime falls in love with the girl repeatedly attempting to woo her via miming. The girl unable to communicate with the mime doesn’t respond but secretly is learning how to mime. Once she has masters the art of miming she goes to mime back her own feelings only for him to be gone, chases away by the police.

Word Count: 0

Page Count: 0


Short Story Series – Life Before & After You + Me (Romance)

Title: Life Before & After You + Me

Logline: Sometimes being in love isn’t enough.

Characters: Sakura Luvit and Brooklyn Adams

Format: Short Stories Series

Genre: Romance

Summary: A series of short stories chronicling the the various stages of Sakura and Brooklyn lives both together and separately.

Word Count:  6,141

Page Count: 22


TV Series – Magical Space Adventures (Fantasy Drama)

Title: Magical Space Adventures

Logline: A Magical Adventure…in Space!

Characters: Ensemble

Format: TV Series

Genre: Fantasy Drama

Summary: A space adventure following the exploits of two sisters as they track down their elusive, and estranged mother all the while unraveling an ever more complicated mystery where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

Word Count: 5,353

Page Count: 28

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Novella – Whom I May Grow To Be (Romantic Adventure)

Title: Whom I May Grow To Be

Logline: The story goes like this. He was meant to save the world but instead fell in love with a girl. She was the girl who thought, just this once she’d get the hero.

Characters: Barbara Peterson & Benedict Linwood

Format: Second Person, Novella

Genre: Romantic Adventure

Word Count: 0

Page Count: 0